Operations - Sarthi Pharma
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Manufacturing output you need : Size matters


In the extremely competitive world of today, the ability to deliver big volumes at the right time with the right quality is vital to the success of your enterprise. Our manufacturing unit, set in a sprawling 4800 sq.mt. campus houses the best machines from highly trusted brands.


  • An army of around 60 employees, trained to produce the best medicinal formulations, works diligently to cater to the needs of the corporates we partner with.
  • In the production are of 2100 sq.mt, our teams leverage all our resources to make sure we deliver.
  • Our dedicated low – RH beta lactam facility is capable of producing 1000 million tablets, 225 million capsules and 18 million units of dry syrup annually.
  • A 200 sq.mt area is allotted exclusively to QA / QC in order to ensure that the desired quality is maintained batch after batch.
  • Raw materials and finished goods are housed in a separate area of 600 sq.mt. the spacious zone generously provides us to follow storage best practices.


We leave nothing to chance. Because reliability is our core genetic material.

Our processes are carefully automated. That assures two prized benefits – consistent output to match demand and minimum worker exposure to maintain quality.
Highly Trusted Machines

Highly Trusted Machines

Carefully Automated Process

Carefully Automated Process

Consistant Output to Match Demand

Consistant Output to Match Demand

Maintain Superior Quality

Maintain Superior Quality

Manufacturing environ you can bank upon


Manufacturing quality products takes a great deal of care, superior equipment, robust processes, trained human resources, and stringent in-house quality control setup. And when the output is something as critical as a pharmaceutical product, quality becomes even more important.


Our entire setup is designed, operated and maintained as per WHO-cGMP guidelines.

Unit Details

Facilities Tablet, Capsule & Dry Syrup (Beta Lactam)
Site Area 4800 Sq.Mt
Construction Area 3100 Sq. Mt
Production Area 2100 Sq. Mt
Storage Area 600 Sq. Mt
QA & QC Area 200 Sq. Mt
Employee Strength 50 to 60
Production Capacity : (Annually) Tablets - 1000 Million
Capsules - 225 Million
Dry Syrup - 18 Million

Precision-controlled humidity levels

Superior Dehumidifier Units (DHUs) and Air Handling Units (AHUs) control humidity levels for the entire manufacturing area. This prevents degradation of the products.

Prevention of Cross-contamination

Our manufacturing layout has been designed meticulously, based on the principle of Unidirectional flow of man and material. This minimizes the risk of cross contamination.

Separate entry for man and material

At every important point, both interior and exterior, the entrances for man and material are kept separate to make sure there is no danger of contamination

Air locks for controlled air quality

Well-designed barriers between multiple controlled areas regulate air flow, and maintain the desired air quality. It gives a worry free ambience for quality products.

Requisite environmental conditions

Appropriate Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC) optimize vital parameters. Accurately balanced HVAC settings lead to desired quality outcomes.


Superior by design…

Research & Development

The Company understands importance of research & innovations as its an inevitable part of any business development. R&D facilities are fully equipped with high rated, calibrated and validated modern instruments and machineries which give wings to our research team to achieve desired success in the favor of mankind.


Our scientific team is closely associated with our business development team to identify complex need of market and its innovative solutions using cutting edge enabling technology.


Our team is not only working to develop new products, but also working for the betterment of existing products using novel approaches.


Our team’s prime focus is to develop formulations which helps to overcome the crisis of antibiotic resistance.